Luke Bandy

(443) 204-6971 ยท

I'm a freelance Front End Developer and ServiceNow Consultant looking for new opportunities. I use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and Angular JS to build responsive apps. I returned from four years teaching abroad in South Korea and the Czech Republic before I learned web development and ServiceNow. I genuinely enjoy coding, and my goal is to find a community-driven workplace.

Best Places Finder

This project required researching an API and using it's JSON response data for something useful. The user enters a location in the search bar, and an AJAX call sends to Foursquare's API. The top ten recommended places based on the user's location is mapped using Leaflet.

Music Video Player

This project is designed with React components and properties that allow the user to choose and play their desired music video. The radio buttons can be clicked and the video will switch to the selected video. Bootstrap was used to make the app web responsive.

Atari Quiz

This project is a multiple choice quiz. I designed it using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The JavaScript uses a function that loops through an object full of arrays containing questions and checks for the correct answers. Then it is rendered into HTML and styled with CSS.

Suggestion Box

This app gathers suggestions for the WWE using Angular JS. It has an interface users can input suggestions into. Submitted suggestions will then appear in a list, which users can up or downvote, bringing the most popular suggestions to the top of the list. The app allows users to comment on suggestions already submitted, so they can add their own two-cents.




Apart from being a web developer, I spend my time writing for magazines and journals. I've had two publications this year, and my third releases early 2019. I'm currently working on my first novel manuscript.

Cowboy's Delight

The Avenue
January, 2019

New York Souvenir

Adelaide Magazine
May 4, 2018

Sunday the 15th

Ink Stains Anthology
Apr 24, 2018